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- Montagne d’Ambre National Park :  Joffre Ville, gateway to the Montagne d'Ambre National Park, is a small station southwest of Diego founded early in the century by Marshal Joffre. Synonymous with rest and freshness over 700 meters above sea level, the resort is known for its famous litchi on the Big Island.
The Park which rises to 1470m includes many waterfalls, crater lakes, localized species of lemurs, chameleon and frogs, and many endemic plants.

- Ankarana National Reserve : The massif of Ankarana is dominated by attractive limestone karst formations called locally “Tsingy”, it extends on a little over 20km on the west coast. We count an underground complex network, extending over nearly 120km. One can easily spend two days to visit the caves, canyons, views, wildlife, and the suspension bridge that will allow you to fly this unique landscape.

- The Red Tsingy :  Through a tropical countryside of palms and rice paddies, colorful villages with smiling people, you will come to a “Red Planet” of hundreds of peculiar red cones with a chromatic range from yellow to red ocher. Probably the most beautiful pictures of your trip.

- The Emerald Sea : A lagoon with crystal clear waters, massive coral with colorful fish, huts, seafood, golden sand, nice fishers , a nice cruise in the bay to get there through the false pass. A mask and flippers to dive in a natural aquarium. Completely blank, this intense and magical place will leave you with wonderful memories rich in color.

- The Coast of Bays : The peaceful beaches and coves surrounding Diego-Suarez will be one of the highlights of your stay. The endemic Suarez Baobab, as well as the attractive Crowned Lemur can also be seen en route.