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• Health : In general, we recommend that you consult your doctor before departure on health issues related to your stay in Madagascar and in particular on the issue of malaria. No vaccinations are required for travelers from Europe, but it is recommended to be updated for the following vaccinations: DTCP / Hepatitis A / Hepatitis B / Typhoid / Yellow fever (Required only if a trip continental black Africa is scheduled before or after the trip) and antimalarial treatment (Required).
For longer stays or stays in remote area, plan to be vaccinated against rabies from stray dogs in villages or animals (Lemurs).
We also recommend you bring a package of drugs to relieve the small inconvenience of traveling. Similarly, if you follow a specific treatment, it is important to plan your treatment during the stay.
It is highly recommended to drink bottled water during the stay and eat in the restaurants recommended by your guide.

• Insurance : It is desirable to establish a policy of insurance (assistance repatriation insurance, illness, loss or theft of luggage, delay or damages, equipment insurance ...). We act only as agents of the passenger in all matters relating to tours.

• Currency : The local currency is Ariary and the current average cost is about 3000 Ar = 1 € The official rate is also available on the website of the Central Bank of Madagascar
Credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) are useful in the main cities. Payment by credit card will be increased from 5% to 10%. ATMs are now available in major cities and withdrawal is limited to a maximum of 400 000 Ariary.

• Weather : In general, the climate in Madagascar is characterized by a dry season that extends from April to October and a rainy season from November to March. However, significant variations between regions are noted more moisture to the east and drought in the South.

• Languages : The official language is Malagasy. However, French is widely spoken due to colonization. English is also spoken by most professionals in the field of tourism.

• Time : The Malagasy time is GMT +3. No time change during the year.

• Electricity : 220 volts / same form in France.

• Communication : To call Madagascar, dial 00 + 261 + operator telephone number 9 key figures . To call from Madagascar, dial 00 + country code + phone number.

• The Holidays : January 1 ( New Year's Day ) / March 29 ( Memorial Day of the Dead events 1947) / 1 April ( Easter Monday ) / 1 May (Labour Day ) / 9 May ( Ascension ) / May 19 ( Pentecost) / May 20th ( Whit Monday ) / June 26 ( Independence Day ) / August 15 ( Assumption ) / 14 October ( Day of the proclamation of the First Republic ) / November 1 (All Saints ) / 25 December ( Christmas)

• Ideal for sightseeing Period : The best time to visit the country is from April to December.

• What to bring : a light raincoat / a sweater / walking shoes / sandals / Sunglasses / Hat / Backpack Day / Sunscreen / Anti- mosquito / Swimsuit